Luchas del Futuro

Discover one of the most versatile NFT collections

Luchas Del Futuro

AR/VR, Native Apps, Virtual Fights and more...

The Luchas del Futuro is a collection of 10,000 Luchadores NFTs - unique digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. But your Luchadora is much more than that. Not only will you soon have access to the exclusive Club De Luchas, but you will also go on a long journey with her. Augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual fights, native apps, 3D characters, merchandise, airdrops, whitelisting, raffles and much more are on our roadmap to make your collectibles even more valuable and financially sustainable.

The Features

A Roadmap focused on Value and Quality

With each subsequent phase, many more features and functions are unlocked, making the Luchas del Futuro not only a versatile collection, but also helping to increase its value in the long term.


Club De Luchas

Exclusive club membership, with the ability to customise & personalise NFTs.


AR / VR Action

AR / VR interactions and other features that can be unlocked with some rare NFTs.


Play 2 Earn

Native App gameplay with virtual fights and the chance to win exclusive giveaways.


Merch and Toys

Additional income through lovingly designed merchandising and exclusive toys.

What you will get

Unique Traits and Design

Each collectible has unique traits and combinations. Some features will be rarer than others and will make collectibles more valuable.

Our social mission

Support us in the fight against cancer

With the purchase of a collectible, you not only receive a sustainable investment, but also support people and institutions in the fight against cancer. 15% of all proceeds are donated quarterly to the Berliner Krebsgesellschaft e.V. (Berlin Cancer Society).

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